Working with us

We have many years' experience designing and delivering robotic systems for a wide range of industries. We are diligent, flexible and always willing to branch out.

Manufacturing | Aerospace | Construction | Nuclear | Healthcare | Oil and gas | Photovoltaics | Agriculture | Research | Attractions

We listen

You know about your problem, and we are good listeners. We'll translate your needs into a clear problem statement and solution proposal so that everyone's on the same page from the outset.

We are rigorous

We will work with you to determine a full engineering specification for your application. We are details-oriented, and will cover every base from functional requirements to environmental factors to ergonomics.

Everything is documented, approved and traced through the design process to make sure everything meets its requirements and nothing is missed.

We plan

Planning R&D activities is often more an art than a science. We are experienced at forecasting design effort and planning for turbulence to help you budget and plan accordingly.

We communicate

Customer needs change and R&D always has surprises. We'll make sure you're never in the dark about progress and that no one is kept waiting.

We deliver

We want to see every project succeed and we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy. 

For us, successful delivery starts at day one, with clear milestones, deliverables and expectations.