We help you navigate the journey from prototype to product.

Product industrialisation

The real world is hard on hardware. We are experienced in ruggedising systems and products for life-long use in wet, dusty, dirty, hot, confined and contaminated environments. By capturing environmental requirements at the outset of development, we industrialise from the ground up, not as an afterthought.

Every step of every use-case and interaction is thought through and refined, accounting for safety, human factors and wear and tear to ensure consistent functionality.

Part manufacture

Our design for manufacture expertise ensures you get the best value for money at any production scale, making use of a range of manufacturing categories, including machining, fabrication, moulding and additive methods. We produce fully toleranced engineering drawings with relevant QA and inspection details to ensure our trusted suppliers produce every part to specification with no ambiguity.

Assembly and testing

We can facilitate assembly of mechanical, electrical and PCB assemblies and test them to ensure quality. We are familiar with the requirements of CE and UKCA marking, including conformity testing via third-parties.