Research and development

We are problem solvers, experienced in turning difficult requirements into tangible benefits. Whether you're starting with a well-defined concept or just an idea of what you want to achieve, we'll help get you where you want to be.

Mechanical design

From generating and downselecting concepts right through to detailed design, material selection and tolerance analysis, mechanical design is our bread and butter. 

We specialise in complex mechanism design and analysis, and are comfortable combining off-the-shelf components with custom parts to make reliable, sophisticated mechanical systems.

Motion and control systems

We can build bespoke drive systems right down to custom control architectures if required, and are experienced in selecting and combining appropriate actuators, drives, transmissions, sensors and other drivetrain elements to produce precise, reliable motion systems.

Embedded systems

We have experience in firmware development in everything from tiny 8-bit microcontrollers through to the ubiquitous ARM-based 32 bit cores and on into embedded Linux based systems used on single-board-computers.

We have a wealth of knowledge in areas including:

3D modelling and simulation

We produce 3D models of everything we design to enable full visualisation and seamless manufacture and assembly. We can work with virtually any parametric format, as well as point clouds and meshes.

We routinely perform engineering simulations as part of the design and qualification process, including finite element models for linear and non-linear structural analyses and rigid-body physics simulations for modelling complex dynamic interactions.


The best way to find out whether something will work is to try it. By rapid prototyping, we can bring an idea into its functional physical form quickly and cheaply, leaving less to the imagination and lowering production risk. We are able to prototype mechanical and electronics designs in-house and have plenty of experience with additive manufacturing methods and prototype moulding.