Your partner in engineering design and robotics

We are an engineering design company specialising in the development of novel robotic and mechatronic devices.

We offer design consultancy services as well as developing our own technologies in-house.

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Engineering design consultancy

We help businesses of all sizes to develop new systems and products. With many years of experience developing robotic systems for everything from autonomous remote inspection to dexterous laser cutting, our creative problem solving and rigorous engineering approach will give you a reliable solution with unmatched capability.

We work with solutions providers such as systems integrators and directly with end-users, so whether you are looking to develop your own product or you need a reliable, integrated solution to suit your specific needs, we will work with you to get it done.

Get in touch to discuss your project with us. Alternatively, select an area of specialism below to find out more about what we can offer.

Our vision

We want to make robots accessible to everyone. At the moment they are costly, inherently dangerous, hard to install and program and usually specialised to a single task. We want that to change.

In the near future, we believe robots will be an everyday experience for us all, working seamlessly alongside us, augmenting our capability and doing the menial, repetitive tasks that currently keep us from better things. In this setting, we will move away from rigid, precise and dangerous systems as we know them and toward gentler, more natural robots that we can enjoy interacting with intuitively.

We are developing advanced technologies to make the vision of accessible, versatile robots a reality. Watch this space for news and feel free to get in touch below to discuss your potential use-case.



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